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A lot of people ask why I always have a lot of text messages. I’m a professional rapper for a living, named Mac Lethal. I run my own independent record label. I get A LOT of texts for business. I wish I was popular, but it’s all biz stuff. Haha.

Check this song out. It’s a fan favorite. It’s a beautiful love song, and the video makes people cry.

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Step 1: Begin with top coat & white base coat.
Step 2: Draw crisscrosses on nails in black, relatively thick.
Step 3: Outline inside of black criss crosses with purple using paint and a toothpick.
Step 4: Outline purple with turquoise.
Step 5: draw turquoise triangles on the outside white triangles.
Step 6: outline the turquoise triangles with black.


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Mothers Day


Tip your server, they’ve got mothers too, mothers they aren’t with so that they can serve you and yours.

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Cookie Monster Nails!! Tutorial here =)

These are So Fricking Cute!!!!
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These are awesome, click through for tutorial!


These are awesome, click through for tutorial!

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Son of a… How do you sleep at night? (Taken with instagram)

Pool with the boys after work. (Taken with instagram)